Regulatory RNA by Thomas Dandekar, Kishor Sharma (auth.)

By Thomas Dandekar, Kishor Sharma (auth.)

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These interactions probably originally evolved in order to process mRNA faster and more precisely than would be possible with RNA alone. 58 However, the coevolution of protein factor and RNA has in many instances continued for so long that the protein has become an essential factor for the reaction. l l,5 6 One example of this close interdependence is the spliceosome, in which the common proteins B,B',D1,D2,D3,E,F and G are included in each of the snRNPs formed with one of the central splicing snRNAs U1,U2,U4 and U5 as the RNA core (U6 RNA is also central but has no Sm-site binding these common proteins).

The IRE signal is interpreted differently in the context of the 5' UTR (see next section). Seleno-cysteine mRNAs and their 3' UTR motifs (Fig. 4) allow incorporation of seleno-cysteine and read through of a translational Stop codon and are discussed in detail in chapter 6. 76 The authors in this reference suggest that strict autoregulation is an atavism indicating a first mode of the protein -RNA interaction in the RNA world. While we consider the model to be speculative (the following examples may be fine-tuned adaptations acquired recently or a mixture between both extremes), these RNAs are interesting in their own right and include examples from different mRNA regions: - An RNA transcription factor, composed exclusively of RNA77 - Splicing of its own mRNA: In a yeast maturaser in yeast L32 ribosomal protein,79 Xenopus laevis L1 ribosomal protein 80 and Drosophila suppressor of white apricot gene.

Posterior pole of oocyte and early embryo. 27 chicken a-actin. Localization signal Perinuclear in embryonic muscle cells 27 chicken ~-actin. Localization signal. 7 Actin micro filaments required for transport and anchoring. 27 Xenopus Vgl. Localization signal. Vegetal pole of oocyte and eggs. 3 for a compilation on RNA viridae) GROWTH FACTORS 3'UTR (mRNA) 3'UTRand+ mammalian IGF-II. Two regions in the 3' UTR are required: 300 nucleotides surrounding cleavage site and 330 nts. 7. Iron-responsive elements in the 5' UTR from different mRNAs.

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