The nature of medical rationalization has been a massive subject in philosophy of technology for a few years. This e-book highlights many of the conceptual difficulties that also must be solved and issues out a few clean philosophical principles to discover. a person attracted to causal and probabilistic clarification, explanation-seeking questions and contrastive causes, inference to the easiest rationalization, or causes in the unique sciences should still locate whatever of curiosity during this ebook.

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Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press: 3-219. Salmon, W. (1994). Causality Without Counterfactuals. Philosophy of Science 61: 297-312. Salmon, W. (1998). Causality and Explanation. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Schweder, R. (present volume). Some Observations on Unificationism and Probabilistic Explanation. Woodward, J. (2003). Making Things Happen. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Ylikoski, P. (2001). Understanding Interests and Causal Explanation. fi. Ylikoski, P. (present volume). The Idea of Contrastive Explanation.

5. As mentioned, the importance of the non-ER requirement on examples has to do with our evaluation of different explanation-theories. When Hempel advanced the IS model it was because he thought that there existed examples of explanations that his D-N model did not capture. And when Coffa, Humphreys, Railton and Salmon WHAT TO ASK OF AN EXPLANATION-THEORY 21 argued that the I-S model was corrupt they did not claim that therefore the D-N model sufficed, instead the argued that other models were needed to capture those eluding examples of statistical explanation.

261). The reason for this is easy to see. Besides the logical problems with proving a universal statement, there is a problem concerning the vague boundaries of what counts as an explanation and what not. People do have conflicting intuitions about the explanatoriness of a good many explanations, and often the putative counterexamples to the contrastive thesis belong to this heterogeneous class of explanations. I think that a more fruitful approach to understand the contrastive approach would be to interpret it as claiming that all explananda can be analyzed as contrastive.

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