Seizing the Enigma: The Race to Break the German U-Boat by David Kahn

By David Kahn

For nearly 4 determined years, from 1939 to mid-1943, the British and American navies fought a savage, wasting conflict opposed to German submarine wolfpacks. The Allies may perhaps by no means have grew to become the tide with no an intelligence coup. The race to damage the German U-boat codes is likely one of the maximum untold tales of worldwide conflict II. Kahn expertly brings this story to existence during this newly-updated version of his vintage book.Soon after conflict broke out, Hitler's U-boats started to sever Allied lifelines. within the grey barren region of the North Atlantic, submarines prowled; at evening, the sky lit up with the flames of exploding tankers. to satisfy the starting to be situation, inventive amateurs joined the nucleus of committed pros at Bletchley Park. because the conflict of the Atlantic raged, they raced to release the always altering German naval codes. Their challenge: to learn the U-boat messages of Hitler's cipher machine, the Enigma.Critical to their good fortune used to be a sequence of raids at sea. U-110, captured intact within the mid-Atlantic, yielded the Enigma computing device itself and likewise a trove of mystery files. the elements send Lauenburg seized close to the Arctic ice pack supplied codesettings for a whole month. within the Mediterranean, sailors rescued a German climate cipher than enabled the workforce at Bletchley to unravel the Enigma after a year-long blackout.

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