Sex in the Parish by Karen Lebacqz

By Karen Lebacqz

Karen Lebacqz and Ronald Barton learn the reward of sexuality relating to the parish and the dynamics of sexual hope and temptation. incorporated during this publication are the expreiences of a pastor who didn't set acceptable limits; explainations of the way the pastoral function impacts sexual touch among pastor and parishioner; feedback for a framework of moral research; an exam of questions for ladies in ministry, unmarried pastors, and pastors who're homosexual, lesbian, or bisexual; and a overview of moral matters concerning individuals who hold obligations for the buildings of ministerial practice.

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They are also prone to discouragement when not praised, and they often avoid conflict by going along with others. These characteristics of 44 percent of pastors are reminiscent of the characteristics of the co-dependent described by Schaef. This is not to suggest that all intuitional, feeling-oriented people are automatically addictive personalities. Since Schaef and her associates claim that we are an addictive society and that most people exhibit some characteristics of addiction, it is to be expected that all personality types will exhibit some co-dependent or addictive characteristics.

For yet others, it is past experiences of pain that have formed their sense of appropriate boundaries. "Attraction led to an unprofessional relationship that ended with some hurt," explained one pastor. One woman spoke of being very careful about boundaries now because she had experienced a pastor who transgressed boundaries with her. Thus, some pastors draw not simply on their understanding of pastoral role nor on their primary covenantal relationships, but on their own or others' experiences of pain.

Nor are they sure of having another forum in which to deal with their strong feelings. Thus, sexualgenitalinvolvement is always a danger, because the dynamics of socialization in our culture do not permit other modes of male response to the strong feelings that can be elicited in the sharing of intimacy. Because male pastors use feelings as a mode of decision making more than the typical male population does, they may also think that they are fully in touch with their feelings and that their feelings are a good guide to ethical behavior.

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