Society Must Be Defended: Lectures at the College de France, by Michel Foucault

By Michel Foucault

An exam of kinfolk among conflict and politics

From 1971 till his demise in 1984, Michel Foucault taught on the Collège de France, possibly the main prestigious highbrow establishment in Europe. every year, in a sequence of 12 public lectures, Foucault sought to give an explanation for his learn of the former 12 months. those lectures don't reduplicate his released books, even though they do have subject matters in universal. The lectures convey Foucault ranging freely and conversationally over the results of his research.

In Society needs to be Defended, Foucault offers with the emergence within the early seventeenth century of a brand new realizing of society and its relation to struggle. conflict was once now obvious because the everlasting foundation of all associations of energy, a hidden presence inside of society that may be deciphered via an historic research. Tracing this improvement, Foucault outlines a family tree of power/knowledge that was once to turn into a major drawback in his ultimate years.

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W h a t I m e a n is t h i s : In a society s u c h a s ours—or in any society, come to t h a t — m u l i t i p l e relations of power traverse, characterize, a n d constitute the social body; they are indissociable from a discourse of t r u t h , a n d they can neither be established nor function unless a t r u e discourse is produced, a c c u m u l a t e d , p u t into circulation, a n d set to w o r k . P o w e r cannot be exercised unless a certain economy of d i s ­ courses of t r u t h functions in, on the basis of, a n d t h a n k s to, that power.

W. F. Hegel, Grundimien der Philosophic des Rechtes (Berlin, 1821), pp. 182-340 (French translation: Principesde la philosophic du droit [Pans: V n n , 1975]); Hegel's Philosophy of Right, translated with notes by T. M. Knox (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1952); Sigmund Freud, "Das Unbewussten," in Internationale Zjitschrifte fur drt^iche Psychoanalyse, vol. 3 ( 1 9 1 5 ) (English translation: "The Unconscious," in Pelican Freud Library, Vol. 11: On Metapsychology: The Theory of Psychoanalysis [Harmondsworth: Penguin, 19&4J); and Die Zxkunft emer Illusion (Leipzig/Vienna/Zurich: Internationaler Psychoanalvtischer Verlag, 1927) (French translation: VAvenir d'une illusion [Paris: Denoel, 1932], reprinted Pans: PUF, 1 9 9 5 ; English translation: The Future of an Illusion, in The Pelican Freud Library, Vol.

Law, domination, of power: - Disciplinary questions power. - Law % f and of method. - Theory - Rule and norm. \ I THIS Y E A R , I W O U L D like to begin—and to do no more than b e g i n — a s e r i e s of investigations into w h e t h e r or not w a r can possibly p r o v i d e a principle for the a n a l y s i s of p o w e r relations: can w e find in bellicose relations, in the m o d e l of w a r , in the s c h e m a of struggle or s t r u g g l e s , a p r i n c i p l e that can h e l p us understand and analyze political p o w e r , to interpret political p o w e r in t e r m s of w a r , struggles, and confron­ tations?

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