Software Engineering in C by Peter A. Darnell

By Peter A. Darnell

The writer starts off with the basis that C is a wonderful language for software program engineering initiatives. The publication con- centrates on programming style,particularly clarity, maintainability, and portability. files the proposed ANSI general, that is anticipated to be ratified in 1987. This publication is designed as a textual content for either newbie and inter- mediate-level programmers.

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1 Compiling Source Files By the end of the design stage, you should have defined a set of routines, called functions, each of which solves a small piece of the larger programming problem. The next step is to actually write the code for each function. This is usually done by creating and editing C language text files. These files are called source files. 12 Chapter 2 Box 2-1: Compiling and Linking In a UNIX Environment In UNIX environments, you edit the SOUTce files with a text editor, such as ed or vi.

Comments are for human readers-the compiler ignores them. Commenting programs is an important, though often-neglected, aspect of software engineering. The C language allows you to enter comments by inserting text between the symbols 1* and *I. In the following example, the asterisks that begin each line are included to aid readability-only the first and last ones are required. /* square() * Author: P. Margolis * Initial coding: 3/87 * Purpose: * This function returns the square of its * argument.

The \n sequence is a special sequence that forces printf() to output a newline character, causing the cursor to move to the beginning of the next line. c, and square () is located in a file called square . i The getsquare program still isn't very useful, how~ver, since it can only print the square of one number. To find out the squares of other numbers, we would have to edit the source file, change the argument to square() , and then re-compile, re-link, and re-execute the program. It would be better if we could dynamically specify which number we want to square while getsquare is running.

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