SQL for Marketers: Dominate data analytics, data science, by LazyProgrammer

By LazyProgrammer

Be data-driven

More and extra businesses nowadays are studying that they should make DATA-DRIVEN decisions.

With large info and knowledge technology at the upward push, we now have extra information than we all know what to do with.

One of the elemental languages of knowledge analytics is SQL, that's used for plenty of renowned databases together with MySQL, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or even sizeable information ideas like Hive and Cassandra.

I’m going to allow you to in on a bit mystery. so much high-level retailers and product managers at substantial tech businesses understand how to govern info to achieve very important insights. now not must you wait round the complete day for a few software program engineer to reply to your questions - you can now locate the solutions without delay, on your own, utilizing SQL!

Your present ideas are inefficient

Are you uninterested in reckoning on crufty “analytics” software program? should you ask an engineer that will help you everytime you have a query in regards to the data?

This isn't perfect and won’t assist you do your task efficiently.

SQL, brief for “structured question language”, is a language that may be used for all types of databases - from the tiny databases saved on your iPhone, to giant substantial facts databases that span a number of continents.

Engineers have performed an exceptional task of making those varieties of advanced information shops, whereas nonetheless permitting you to take advantage of a similar language, roughly, for all of them.

What does that suggest for you?

It capacity so long as you recognize SQL, you could benefit from ALL of this software program, and achieve insights into this knowledge, it doesn't matter what form of database it really is kept in, so long as it helps SQL.

You can ask questions like:

How many of us are falling into every one degree of the revenues funnel?

What is my 12 months over yr profit?

Are there any ameliorations within the demographics among the folks who're purchasing product X and product Y?

What is our so much ecocnomic month?

What are the seasonal tendencies in our industry?

I’m an engineer, so I most likely haven’t even considered the entire questions you’ve already had for years! yet I warrantly you, understanding SQL may also help you resolution those questions.

On a number of groups I’ve labored on within the tech global - I’ve spotted that advertising humans and product managers have SQL talents and infrequently even coding abilities! So while you're seeking to not just make your day extra effective, yet make your self extra marketable to employers and capture as much as the opposite go-getters on your box - then you definately should still almost definitely examine SQL.

The takeaway

Do you must understand how to optimize your revenues funnel utilizing SQL, examine the seasonal traits on your undefined, and run a SQL question on Hadoop? Then sign up for me now in my new booklet, SQL for retailers: Dominate info analytics, information technological know-how, and massive info.

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Py - it basically creates a CSV, which is like an Excel table but in plain text, with 4 columns of data - name, product, action, and price. You can even open the file in Excel and look at the raw data if you want to. Chapter 3: Basic commands Basic commands Commands in SQLite start with a “dot”. schema - Shows us the table we just created - it is called user_actions, and has 4 fields - name, product, action, and price. It also shows us the data types which we’ll look at more in depth later. tables - This will show us a list of all the tables in our database.

It just means we would have more chunks. We can split these chunks across different machines. 2) As you know, machines can fail, and the more machines you have, the higher the chance of failure. So another thing we do is replication. We make multiple copies of these chunks in different places, so that if one machine fails, we still have a copy somewhere else. Hive is one framework that allows you to use Hadoop as a database, and supports a similar language to SQL called Hive QL. Cassandra is another big database technology that supports a similar language, called Cassandra Query Language or CQL.

Strftime(output_format, datetime_object) We’ll use this to create a new column called month, and group by that column. SELECT strftime(‘%Y-%m’, dt) as month, SUM(price) as revenue FROM user_actions_with_dt GROUP BY month; And so now you can see it’s in a format that’s appropriate for an Excel chart. You can either copy and paste it manually or output to a CSV. out command to specify an output file. Then the next query you enter will be output to that file. csv Sales by Location The last example we’ll do is sort the number of sales by location.

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