Statistics in Research and Development by Roland Caulcutt (auth.)

By Roland Caulcutt (auth.)

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25 then the estimate we need is given by the shaded area in Fig. 8 . Following the usual procedure we will first calculate a standardized yield then refer to Table A. Z x-p. 0) wh ich is below the mean. Table A does not contain any negative z values because it is a tabulation of only the right hand side of the standard normal distribution. Because of the symmetry of the distribution there is no need to tabulate both sides. When we calculate a z value which is negative we simply ignore the minus sign whilst using Table A.

5/3! 5 /4! 5 /5! 3. 0. 9955. 0045 is explained by the fact that the Poisson distribution does not stop at r = 5. 1) to obtain more probabilities. 0001 Probability of 6 overloads The calculations have been discontinued at r = 8 because the probabilities have become very small though in theory the Poisson distribution continues forever. 4. 2? Perhaps the best way to compare the two distributions is by means of a graph such as Fig. 1. It is quite clear that the two distributions portrayed in Fig. 1 are not identical.

B) Do you consider that the sampie has been drawn from a population with a symmetrical distribution? (c) What is the population referred to in part (b)? 1 Introduction In Chapter 2 we examined various ways of describing a sampIe . The methods we employed were basically very simple but they are, nonetheless, very powerful as a means of condensing a set of data into a more digestible form. You will recall that we made use of: (a) frequency distributions; (b) diagrams (such as histograms and bar charts); (c) measures of location and spread (such as means and standard deviations).

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