Structures and Mechanisms. From Ashes to Enzymes by Gareth R. Eaton, Don C. Wiley, Oleg Jardetzky

By Gareth R. Eaton, Don C. Wiley, Oleg Jardetzky


content material: The panorama and the Horizons: An advent to the technology of William N. Lipscomb / Gareth R. Eaton --
Thomas Jefferson, Alice in Wonderland, Polyhedral Boranes, and the Lipscomb Legacy / Russell N. Grimes --
contemporary advancements within the Chemistry of major crew Metallacarboranes of the C2B4-Carborane Ligands / Narayan S. Hosmane and John A. Maguire --
Formation of Nanostructured levels of Fe, Co, and Ni via a Freeze-Out approach / Kimloan T. Nguyen, Alfred A. Zinn, and Herbert D. Kaesz --
Proposed New fabrics: Boron Fullerenes, Nanotubes, and Nanotori / Vladimir Dadashev, Asta Gindulyte, William N. Lipscomb, Lou Massa, and Richard Squire --
Oscillations, Waves, and styles in Chemistry and Biology / Irving R. Epstein --
Electron Propagator conception of Ionization Energies and Dyson Orbitals for p-Hydrido, Bridge-Bonded Molecules: Diborane, Digallane, and Gallaborane / Gustavo Seabra, V.G. Zakrzewski, and J.V. Ortiz --
program of Theoretical how you can NMR Chemical Shifts and Coupling Constants / Michael L. McKee --
Does the value of NMR Coupling Constants Specify Bond Polarity? / Rodney J. Bartlett, Janet E. Del Bene, and S. Ajith Perera --
Aluminosilicate Inorganic Compounds, Minerals, and Mineral Glasses: Connections solid via Quantum Chemistry and NMR Spectroscopy / John A. Tossell. Bragg Diffraction and the Interference of 2 Atom Lasers: An Analogy / Roger A. Hegstrom --
B12-Dependent Methionine Synthase: A constitution That Adapts to Catalyze a number of Methyl move Reactions / Martha L. Ludwig and Rowena G. Matthews --
Metalloproteins to Membrane Proteins: organic power Transduction Mechanisms / Douglas C. Rees --
Paradigms for Protein-Ligand Interactions / Florante A. Quiocho --
constructions of the critical Dogma of Molecular Biology / Thomas A. Steitz --
research of Intradomain Signaling within the Multifunctional Protein CAD utilizing Novel Hybrids and Chimeric Molecules / David R. Evans and Hedeel I. man --
a brand new Engine for Cleaving Nucleic Acid / Kurt L. Krause and Mitchell D. Miller --
Activation of Hematopoiesis and Vasculogenesis within the Mouse Embryo: Induction and Reprogramming of Ectodermal cellphone destiny via indications from Primitive Endoderm / Margaret H. Baron --
Scoring services delicate to Alignment errors Have a tougher seek: A Paradox for Threading / Jeffrey Chang, Michelle Whirl Carrillo, Allison Waugh, Liping Wei, and Russ B. Altman --
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance recommendations for Measuring Distances in Proteins / Sandra S. Eaton and Gareth R. Eaton --
Allostery and caused healthy: NMR and Molecular Modeling examine of the trp Repressor-mtr DNA advanced / Luciano Brocchieri, Guo-Ping Zhou, and Oleg Jardetzky --
The 3.6 A constitution of the Reovirus center Particle / Karin M. Reinisch and Stephen C. Harrison.
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Ch002 30 contribution of Balakrishnarajan and Jemmis (44), who developed a set of electron-counting rules for condensed polyboranes that represent a direct extension of the original Lipscomb and Wade formulations. In closely related work, Tillard-Charbonnel, et al. have explored condensed-icosahedral structures in intermetallic compounds, especially those of the group 12 and 13 elements (45). A question of fundamental theoretical significance that has been probed over the years by Lipscomb and others is whether closed polyhedral boron cages exceeding 12 vertices can have a stable existence.

Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Study of β-Diborane. J. Chem. Phys. 1965, 43, 1060-1064. Rossmann, M. ; Jacobson, R. ; Hirshfeld, F. ;. Lipscomb, W. N, An Account of Some Computing Experiences. Acta Cryst. 1959, 12, 530-535. Steitz, Τ. ; Lipscomb, W. , Molecular Structure of Methyl Ethylene Phosphate. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1965, 87, 2488-2489 2 6. 7. 8. 9. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2002. 16 10. Howell, P. ; Curtis, R. ; Lipscomb, W. N. The Crystal and Molecular Structure of 1,4-Dithiadiene.

J. E. Gouaux, K. L. Krause, and W. N. Lipscomb, The catalytic mechanism of Esherichia coli aspartate transcarbamylase: A molecular modeling study. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 1987, 142, 893-897. 41. W. Ν. Lipscomb, Multisubunit allosteric proteins. , Ser. A, 1998, 301 (Protein Dynamics, Function, and Design, ed. by O. F. Lefèvre and R. E. Holbrook, Plenum Press, New York), 27-35. 42. E. R. Kantrowitz and W. N. Lipscomb, Escherichia coli Aspartate transcarbamylase: The molecular basis for a concerted allosteric transition.

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