Studies in non-linear stability theory by Wiktor Eckhaus

By Wiktor Eckhaus

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The Woods gas-electric car was surprisingly modern. An article in Scientific American describing this car [2] reads like the sales brochure for a modern hybrid car. 4). Sales were relegated to small numbers with low profits. Inevitably, the Woods gaselectric car vanished into oblivion. CONTROL SYSTEMS FOR EARLY HYBRIDS Chapter 8 emphasizes the crucial importance of the overall control of the hybrid propulsion system. During the ancient period of hybrid history, both the control hardware and the control theory were in their infancy.

These reports have been dissected and presented herein. Julie Fleer and Donna Aikins, who are professional graphics artists, translated most of my hand drawn sketches into exceptionally fine figures. Figures in Chapter 14 were drawn by Larry Omoto of the Hana Group, Monterey, California. A few of the figures in Chapter 17 were drawn by Thomas Blackwell while he was completing his degree in graphic arts. indd xxxii 8/12/2008 3:23:01 PM Roots of Hybrid 1 Historical Automobiles Surprise: The hybrid was invented more than 100 years ago.

Gold’s book [10] focuses on methane. Reference [18] discusses methane trapped in clathrate hydrates (see Chapter 22 for further details). The tremendous amount of trapped methane residing within continental shelves and in polar regions forms a possibly vast natural resource. Consistent with Gold’s theme, methane may be an even more important source of hydrocarbons than envisioned today. The differing means of creating petroleum and the different geology throughout the earth cause wide variations in oil reservoirs.

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