Studies in the History of Arabic Logic by Nicholas Rescher

By Nicholas Rescher

A lot recognition has been given to Arabic suggestion within the heritage of philosophy, although, Arabic contributions to good judgment were tremendously overlooked.  within the ten essays of this ebook, Nicholas Rescher provides monstrous fabric at the heritage, development and significant developments of Arabic good judgment from the 8th during the 16th century. Rescher unearths that, like a lot of Western suggestion, Arabic common sense had its foundation in Greek philosophy, and particularly in Hellenistic Aristotelian good judgment.

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Ziilrah) is one that has a quantity indicator. An indeterminate proposition (qarJiyyah al-mu~malah) is one that has no quantity indicator. " Modalities (sing. " An absolute proposition (qarJiyyah al-mutlaqahj is one that does not have any modality. ,. ,0. ' 1iI"" - iiII' 01. ffi, "~ " ,,"'''( 11'1':' IlII~Hl, '" ;,,'' I jlJ ~ . • r Third Section-De Interpretatione The name of th e second book [of Aristotle's logical writings] is Peri Hermeneias (Bari Irminiyds], This means " guides to interpretation (tcifsir)," for among the thi ngs considered in it is the name (ism ) and the verb (kalimah) and copulas (sing.

111:, :i: J ll ll'l . ' '''! It l't .! " instead of of a categorical syllogism) in the Fourth Section. " general validity conditions for categorical syllogisms in all figures (of Al-Khwarizmt's treatment of the subject is thus of interest for the which al-Khwarizmi does indeed list six), we find that most of these study of the evolution of logic in Islam from various points of view. It rules are relativized to some particular syllogistic figure. Of course the is of philological interest both in that it is a source of information re­ shortcomings must be laid at the door not of our encyclopedist author, garding the growth of Arabic logical terminology, and in that it con­ but of his sources.

832-834. For two other points of agreement between Boethius and Avicenna to correspond to categorical propositions. rc:garding logical matters see S. M. Afnan, Avicell1'A (London , 1958), p. 84 and p. 97. "conditional" propositions are "If the sun shines, it is day" and "Either~~' t; ,'<;:aSee H. W. B. Joseph, An Introduction to Logic (and. , Oxford, 1916), p. 348, ~~ 1 Livre des Directiveset Remarques (Kitiib al-Ishiiriit toa-tt-Tanbihiit) , translated by A. > Goichon (Paris and Beyrouth, '951 ), p.

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