Successful home cell groups by Paul Yonggi Cho, Harold Hostetler

By Paul Yonggi Cho, Harold Hostetler

Korean pastor Paul Yonggi Cho describes his church as either the smallest and the biggest on this planet. The advent of domestic telephone teams has led to not just extra special progress, but in addition intimate fellowship and involvement

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A large curtain was strung down the center aisle so that they could not even see one another. But when a service was about to draw to a close, some of the overeager women would begin to whisper through the curtain to their husbands: "Are you there? Are you ready to go? " And when Paul talked about Sarah calling Abraham "lord," I knew what that meant too. " If she does not do that, she will have insulted him. " So, as I thought about using women in the church, all of these things were appearing in my mind, and I prayed, "God, you are really going to destroy our church with this kind of idea.

In fact, I could hardly keep my mind on anything at all. My memory was so bad during those years that sometimes I couldn't even remember the names of my sons. It seemed as though I was barely holding on to life. Every moment I felt I was at death's door. " Even in that condition, God sent me out. The news was spreading about the growth that was taking place in our church. Not only was it well-known throughout Korea, but our denomination, the Assemblies of God, was very excited about it too. I was appointed general superintendent for all of the Assembly of God churches in Seoul, and I served on the advisory committee to the Pentecostal World Conference, which was held in Brazil and Seoul.

I had not been prepared for Satan's counterattack. 4 Satan's Counterattack: the Seven Obstacles On the Sunday after my meeting with the women, I unveiled the plan to the congregation. Again I went through the whole story of how the Lord had led me through the Scriptures to show us the need to establish home cell groups. I explained all of the verses that showed it was scriptural to delegate authority to women to lead these meetings. "This is not my plan for the church, but it is God's plan," I emphasized.

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