Swastika. The Nazi terror. On the persecution of the Jews in by James Waterman Wise

By James Waterman Wise

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It was only the timely arrival of the police that saved the worshipers from violence. In parts of the provinces Nazi violence is of a more serious character, if only because the police are rather unwilling, or unable to interfere. At Munich, the venerable Rabbi Baerwald was pulled out of bed at night by unknown persons . He was dragged from the house and taken out into the street, where he was 56 SWASTIKA, THE NAZI TERROR placed against a wall by hooligans, who pointed rifles at him . The aged rabbi believed that his end had come when the leader ordered the others to fire .

The newspapers are suppressed, the oppo- THE BROWN TERROR 53 sition is terrorized and the families of the victims would be the last to utter a protest. It is only possible to estimate in the vague term "hundreds" how many Jews have been beaten, tortured and robbed . The only means of information is through personal knowledge, by word of mouth and in those cases where the Jews are of foreign nationality and have complained to their consulate . The foreign Jews whose consulates have protested to the Foreign Office of maltreatment and savage torture number around 15o .

As immediately, as instinctively as though the victims had been of their own races and faiths, the nations responded to the ordeal of German Jewry. In England, in France, in Italy, in 66 WORLD REACTION 67 Russia, in Poland, as in America, non-Jews vied with Jews in the expression of amazed indignation . Equally significant was the unanimity of the world's reaction . It was not limited either to liberals or conservatives . Lines of political demarcation like those of creed and nationality merged in a common protest .

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