Systematic theology : vol. 3 Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, by Ernest S. Williams

By Ernest S. Williams

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In regeneration, there is the im­ partation of life by the Spirit’s power, and the one who receives it is saved: in the baptism with the Holy Spirit, there is the impartation of power, and the one who receives it is fitted for service. . ”— Dr. R. A. Torrey. ”— Hopkins. ”— J. Elder Cumming. “To the disciples, the Baptism with the Spirit was very distinctly not His first bestowal for regeneration, but the definite communication of His presence in power of their glorified Lord. Just as there was a twofold operation of one Spirit in the Old and New Testaments, of which the state of the disciples before and after Pentecost was the striking illustration, so there may be, and in the ma­ jority of Christians is, a corresponding difference of experience.

Each experience of receiving the Baptism w ith the Spirit was in some ways dissimilar. T he disciples who received at Pentecost had enjoyed a long period w ith our Lord Jesus. Those at Samaria had some days between their conversion and their receiving the Holy Spirit. At Ephesus the disciples were walking w ith God according to the en­ lightenment which they had received from Apollos, until Paul came their way. At the home of Cornelius, while Peter was speaking concerning Christ and redemption the Spirit fell.

Philip's going to Samaria to preach resulted from the persecution that had risen (Acts 8 :1 ). T hrough the persecution the disciples were scattered and “they went forth and preached everywhere” (M ark 1 6 :2 0 ). Peter had an unusual experience at Joppa in which he was prepared for a ministry to the house of Cornelius (Acts 1 0 :9 -2 2 ), and Philip was called from a great revival that he might preach to a lone Ethiopian (Acts 8 :2 6 ). Such instances are cited that they might encourage looking to God for His will.

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