Team Geek: A Software Developer's Guide to Working Well with by Ben Collins-Sussman, Brian W. Fitzpatrick

By Ben Collins-Sussman, Brian W. Fitzpatrick

In an ideal global, software program engineers who produce the simplest code are the main profitable. yet in our completely messy international, good fortune additionally relies on the way you paintings with humans to get your task done.

In this hugely enjoyable booklet, Brian Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman disguise easy styles and anti-patterns for operating with folks, groups, and clients whereas attempting to strengthen software program. this can be necessary details from revered software program engineers whose renowned sequence of talks—including "Working with toxic People"—has attracted millions of followers.

Writing software program is a workforce activity, and human components have as a lot effect at the end result as technical elements. no matter if you’ve spent a long time studying the technical facet of programming, this e-book teaches you concerning the often-overlooked human part. through studying to collaborate and making an investment within the "soft skills" of software program engineering, you could have a miles larger influence for a similar volume of effort.

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Criticism is almost never personal in a professional software engineering environment—it’s usually just part of the process of making a better product. The trick is to make sure you (and those around you) understand the difference between constructive criticism of someone’s creative output and flat-out assaults against someone’s character. The latter is useless—it’s petty and nearly impossible to act on. The former is always helpful and gives guidance on how to improve. And most importantly, it’s imbued with respect: the person giving the constructive criticism genuinely cares about the other person and wants her to improve herself or her work.

Bus factor (noun): the number of people that need to get hit by a bus before your project is completely doomed. What’s your team’s bus factor? How dispersed is the knowledge and know-how in your project? If you’re the only person who understands how the prototype code works, it may be nice job security, but it also means the project is toast if you get hit by a bus. If you’re working with a friend, however, you’ve doubled the bus factor. And if you’ve got a small team designing and prototyping together, things are even better—the project won’t be over when a team member disappears.

It turns out that engineering team culture isn’t all that different from the latter. 25 You need a good starter culture. If you’ve ever had a really delicious piece of sourdough bread and took the time to hunt down the person who baked it, you would find that the key ingredient to the bread is a starter containing yeast and lactobacillus bacteria living on a diet of flour and water. The yeast is what makes the bread rise, and the bacterium is what gives the bread that amazing tangy, sour flavor.

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