The aristotelian Ethics by Cooper, J.

By Cooper, J.

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Classical theory in international relations

Classical political theorists corresponding to Thucydides, Kant, Rousseau, Smith, Hegel, Grotius, Mill, Locke and Clausewitz are usually hired to give an explanation for and justify modern foreign politics and are obvious to represent the various colleges of notion within the self-discipline. despite the fact that, conventional interpretations often forget about the highbrow and historic context within which those thinkers have been writing in addition to the lineages by which they got here to be appropriated in diplomacy.

The Science of a Legislator: The Natural Jurisprudence of David Hume and Adam Smith

Combining the equipment of the fashionable thinker with these of the historian of principles, Knud Haakonssen offers an interpretation of the philosophy of legislation which Adam Smith built out of - and partially in line with - David Hume's concept of justice. whereas acknowledging that the impacts on Smith have been many and numerous, Dr Haakonssen means that the decisive philosophical one was once Hume's research of justice in A Treatise of Human Nature and the second one Enquiry.

The Rise, Decline and Future of the British Commonwealth

Written by way of a senior Indian diplomat who has until eventually lately additionally served as Commonwealth Deputy Secretary-General, this ebook offers a special and far-reaching exploration of the British Commonwealth, and its influence because the moment international warfare at the technique of Britain adjusting to a global with no Empire.

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