The Influence of Ethyl Alcohol on the Development of the by Marise Heyns

By Marise Heyns

This quantity is a useful contribution to the effect of a teratological agent on early avian improvement, specially the chondrocranium. Cranial abnormalities constructing from the experimental software of ethyl alcohol on genetically and nutritionally uniform chick embryos are defined intimately and in comparison to the conventional phases of improvement. a whole dialogue and assessment are supplied concerning the gross abnormalities and malformations saw in microscopical and histological investigations. the worth of avian fabric for the experimental applicaion of teratogenic fabric is demonstrated.

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17. Stage IV. Reconstruction of chondrocranium (norma dorsalis). Scale bar 28 = 1 mm. Resorption has commenced in both the acrochordal cartilage and the pila antotica and will eventually result in the posterior part of the orbital cartilage being connected to the basal plate by the pila antotica spuria only. As a result of this resorption the foramen for the oculomotor nerve is now situated immediately behind the anterior edges of the acrochordal cartilage and the pila antotica (Fig. 3C). The fenestra basicranialis posterior has increased considerably in size and the anterior end of the chorda now lies above the dorsal surface of the basal plate for quite a distance, covered by a thin membrane (Figs.

31. Stage VI. Reconstruction of columella auris (norma dorsalis). Scale bar =I mm. 1 Stage I Incubation period: 5 days In contrast to the results of Vorster (1989), most of the embryos in this age group (Table 3) contain neither chondrifications nor mesenchymatous anlagen of the chondrocranium. Only in one embryo (no. 3; see Table 3), the anlagen of the chondrocranium appear in the form of mesenchymatous condensations without any sign of intercellular deposit. In this embryo only the slightest condensation of mesenchyme could be discerned in the region of the basal plate and otic capsules.

Transitory floor Base of nasal septum 24 c Fig. 14 A-D. Photomicrographs of a series of transverse sections through the posterior orbital region. A Stage III. Scale bar, 200 flm ; B Stage III. Scale bar, 200 flm ; C Stage III Scale bar, 200 flm , D Stage III Scale bar, 200 flm . 25 Fig. 15 A-C. Photo- micrographs of transverse sections through the otic capsule. A Intermediate 8-day stage. lm; B Stage III. lm; C Stage IV. lm. 3 The Visceral Arches The elongated Meckel's cartilage is fused anteriorly in the midline.

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