The Logical Grammar of Abelard by Roberto Pinzani (auth.)

By Roberto Pinzani (auth.)

Abelard is among the most desirable protagonists of the "twelfth-century Renaissance". He 'picks up the baton' from Boethius resuming the task of commenting on Aristotle's works. the current publication makes a speciality of the logical-grammatical research of ordinary language, which for Abelard is a fraction of "scientific Latin". instruments of contemporary categorial grammar are hired to elucidate a few of the difficulties raised via historiography (such as that means, summary entities and universals). one of the benefits of the amount is the truth that it has enlightened the unconventional interaction among the traditions of Aristotle's and Priscian's commentators and, during this context, Abelard's extraordinary position in exploring a brand new box of linguistic inquiry. An considerable research of grammatical resources and demanding literature permits to guage the growth that's on the foundation of the impending terministic common sense. The booklet is aimed toward students of medieval philosophy in addition to historians of common sense and linguistics.

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L" Adjectives 'determine' the inherence of the property they signify to the object they name . This particular behaviour constitutes the differentiating element with respect to paronymous nominal forms. J we say that an imperfect compound expressions signifies the inherence, as for instance 'white man' signifies the inherence of the accident and the subject. ]136 It is worth noting here that the term 'inherence' indicates the relation both between noun and adjective, and between subject and predicate (in a perfect compound expression).

VIII, 374,13-15. 83 Inst. XI, 555, 3-5. 84 Ibid. 1-3. 8S Inst. XI, 552, 24-25; 553, 1-2; XVIII, 212, 27; 234, 10. 86 Inst. XVIII, 223, 8-11. XVIII, 211, 22-23; cf. also XI, 552, 26-27. 88 The agreement can be described on a categoriallevel considering for instance a category as a set of features specifications, or, on a syntactic level, taking into account rules which change the form of expressions. The two theoretical perspectives could each explain the kind of Ehenomena addressed by Priscian.

Op. cit. 217 and note 5). 126 Glosulae [Fredborg (1977)] 25, 6-9. The text coincides with that of Tract. ]. , quoted by the anonymous Sent. I (op. cit. 24 and 35-36) . 127 Fredborg notes that the criticism is common to magister W. , Glosulae, Tract. and Abelard (oJ" cit. 35, note 79). 12 Glosulae [Fredborg (1977)] 25, 20-21. 129 Op. cit. 26. 130 Glosulae [Hunt (1941)] 225 - 228 ; [de Rijk (1967)] 101 - 105. As for the coincidences of the interpolated text vis-a-vis that of magister Guido, see Kneepkens (1978 ) 119 - 121.

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