The Merck Manual Home Health Handbook: Third Home Edition by Robert Porter

By Robert Porter

This entire clinical source, The Merck handbook - - 3rd domestic variation, greatly covers healthiness deal with newborns, the aged, and everybody in among. the hot 3rd domestic version presents an identical authoritative info medical professionals have depended on within the Merck guide, for greater than a century, in easy-to-understand, daily language. past versions have offered greater than three million copies.

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Genes on the X chromosome are referred to as sex-linked, or X-linked, genes. Normally, in the nonsex chromosomes, the genes on both of the pairs of chromosomes are capable of being fully expressed. However, in females, most of the genes on one of the two X chromosomes are turned off through a process called X inactivation (except in the eggs in the ovaries). X inactivation occurs early in the life of the fetus. In some cells, the X from the father becomes inactive, and in other cells, the X from the mother becomes inactive.

Transmitters that conduct messages between parts of the nervous system are called neurotransmitters. One of the best known transmitters is the hormone epinephrine (adrenaline). When a person is suddenly stressed or frightened, the brain instantly sends a message to the adrenal glands, which quickly release epinephrine. Within moments, this chemical has the entire body on alert, a response sometimes called the fight-or-flight response. The heart beats more rapidly and powerfully, the eyes dilate to allow more light in, breathing quickens, and the activity of the digestive system decreases to allow more blood to go to the muscles.

The Injuries and Poisoning section includes first aid, burns, fractures, sports injuries, poisoning, and bites and stings, among other topics. The last section— Special Subjects—provides an overview of clinical trials, medical decision making, imaging tests, hospital care, surgery, complementary and alternative medicine, medicinal herbs, and travel and health, as well as other topics. Chapters Most chapters begin with a brief introduction, which contains background information relating to all the topics in that chapter.

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