The Mustard Seed by Osho

By Osho

Reading the traditional Gospel of Thomas--a Gnostic textual content supressed through the early church--Osho paints a portrait of Jesus that's radical and innovative, a Jesus who makes calls for that run counter to the secure and delicate individual of traditonal Christian instructing.

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He said everything in the world is food for something else: this animal eats that, that animal eats something else. Everything is food for something else, so how can man be an exception? Man must be a food for something and Gurdjieff said, ”Man is the food for the moon, and when the moon is very hungry there are wars. When the moon is very hungry, there are wars because many people are needed. But he was joking about the moon, he was not serious. And followers are always blind, so they have taken even this joke as a truth.

Only poor men walk on the earth, only beggars; a rich man flies in the sky. When The Mustard Seed: My Most Loved Gospel on Jesus 41 Osho CHAPTER 3. THE MARVEL OF MARVELS you fall in love with a woman, suddenly you are on high; suddenly you never walk again on the earth – a romance has entered. The whole quality of your being is different, because now you are drunk. Sex is the deepest alcohol that nature has given to you. Jesus said: I FOUND THEM ALL DRUNK; I FOUND NONE OF THEM ATHIRST. This has to be understood, a very delicate point: if you are drunk with this world, you cannot be thirsty for the other.

With the heart you become a solitary, an outsider. So every society takes care to kill the heart, and Jesus says: ... BECAUSE THEY ARE BLIND IN THEIR HEARTS AND DO NOT SEE THAT EMPTY THEY HAVE COME INTO THE WORLD, AND EMPTY THEY SEEK TO GO OUT OF THE WORLD AGAIN. Only the heart can see how empty you are! What have you gained? What maturity, what growth has happened to you? What ecstasy has come to you? – no benediction yet? The whole past has been a rotten thing. And in the future you are going to repeat the past: what else can you do?

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