The Nimrod. Mighty Hunter by Andy Evans

By Andy Evans

Британские самолёты радиоэлектронной разведки, патрулирования
и раннего предупреждения «Нимрод» (BAE platforms Nimrod).
Разработка, прототипы, боевое применение.

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The suspect of the investigation, a marketing manager, had given two weeks notice, and her manager found out from co-workers the suspect was going to work for a competitor. The suspect's laptop was acquired and analyzed for any suspicious Internet activity (for example, the sending of files) with no success. An analysis of the mount points in the suspect's registry (HKEY_Local_Machine\System\MountedDevices) showed additional drive letters beyond what was on the system currently. The extraneous drive letter (F:) shown as a mount point had the words "STORAGE" and "Removable Media" in the value of the key.

Note Despite its name, Microsoft Tape Format can be used to back up to other media as well, including hard disks and optical media. Because of the varying block formatting options, redundancy setups, and write formatting, effective tape recovery might require the original software to effectively recover information. In these cases, it is important to recover the media and licenses for any relevant backup software present to have an effective recovery. In terms of storage, tape backup units can hold hundreds of gigabytes of compressed data.

2MB drives can still be purchased online, or the suspect's drive may be acquired for the explicit purpose of reading them. Microsoft-formatted floppy disks use the FAT12 partition type, described later in the chapter, with a cluster size of 512 bytes. The cluster size is the smallest addressable space the operating system can read and write to and is made up of one or more sectors (one in the case of FAT12 floppy disks). Like all magnetic media, Chapter 3: Windows Forensics Basics 31 32 Chapter 3: Windows Forensics Basics floppy disks degrade over time.

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