The Overland Automobile Company

Каталог автомобилей компании The Overland car corporation

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The cars that Aboriginal people in the Western Desert buy are typically in the last stages of their viable life. 4 In Ernabella the annual receipt of tourist gate monies from Ayers Rock by those who claim traditional ownership of sites inside the National Park causes an efflorescence of vehicle purchasing. Even so, most of these cars will not last long. Some sedans (saloons) and fourwheel-drive vehicles as well, last only a few months before irretrievable breakdown occurs on the punishing dirt roadways.

Thus Hamilton records that one of the first vehicles owned in nearby Mimili in 1970 was known as ‘the Red Truck’ (Hamilton 1979: 110). My old Toyota troop-carrier is recalled as ‘your white car’, although as I will show it had other social identities. Yami Lester, a Yankuntyjatjara man, remembers the red Ernabella truck in about 1954 (Lester 1993: 40). Even when abandoned, sold or swapped, or carrying contrasting colour panels taken from dead vehicles, the car is still ‘that red one’/ ‘palatja rituwana’ or ‘that yellow one’, and colour is a common way of identifying many other things as well in everyday speech and circumstances.

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