The prophet : friend of God by Ed Dufresne

By Ed Dufresne

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Sometimes it takes a big guy to knock out a big guy. It's the same in the spirit realm: God's generals deal with Satan's generals, lieutenants battle lieutenants, corporals fight corporals, captains engage captains, and so forth. Regular intercession can't handle everything. That's another reason why we need the prophet's ministry. You pastors need to teach your people about the prophet's ministry before he arrives at your church. There will be things he will discern almost immediately in the spirit realm and want uprooted in your church and over your city.

If a prophet is rebellious, I don't want to hear him. If he's one of these little "hot airs" going around watching X-rated movies and living in the world, I'm not going to listen to him. He can't be a prophet and have a worldly spirit. That harlot, the world, will get your power! Darkness or Light? True prophets are speaking today, but if the Body of Christ refuses to listen or obey, we're going to be in darkness and bondage. If the Church only realized that the prophet brings light to set you free, not put you in bondage!

You've got to weigh it out. Bear in mind that a prophet must be proven, mature, and walking obediently before the Lord with a pure heart. Also, a true prophet should prophesy in line with the Word of God. If what he says isn't in line with the Word of God, you don't want to listen to him. I judge the things prophets and others say according to the Word of God. I also judge the "fruit" in the person's life. No, I'm not talking about the kind of clothes he wears or the kind of car he drives. I'm talking about his spiritual track record.

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