The Smart Guide to Chemistry by Brian Nordstrom

By Brian Nordstrom

Become conversant in the fantastic global of atoms and molecules during this consultant written for readers who've little-to-no publicity to chemistry. The publication offers an ordinary creation to chemistry yet is usually used as an exceptional evaluation of the topic and discusses subject matters together with chemical reactions; the periodic desk of the weather; nuclear tactics; acids, bases, and salts; chemical bonding; environmental chemistry; and natural and biochemistry. The contributions of recognized chemists are highlighted, in addition to attention-grabbing anecdotal info from their lives. Lavishly illustrated with pictures and different useful images, it may be learn via from cover-to-cover or used as a convenient connection with lookup information regarding person subject matters.

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The elements known to ancient peoples were carbon, iron, copper, silver, gold, mercury, sulfur, tin, lead, and antimony. Philosophers, especially in Greece, endeavored to understand the fundamental nature of matter. Vigorous debates were held over the question of whether or not matter is infinitely divisible, or if some smallest particle exists that makes up all of matter. BCE), did believe in such particles and called them atoms, from the Greek word atomos, which means “indivisible”. Alchemy during the Middle Ages From the early centuries of the current era into the Middle Ages, extraordinary gains were made in the understanding of matter.

The atoms in different isomers are connected together differently. p. ” Normal just means it is the straight-chain isomer. Chapter 4 ➤ Elements and Compounds 47 Having different structures means these are different compounds, and they have different chemical and physical properties. For example, each of these compounds has a different boiling point, as shown. Ethanol (also called ethyl alcohol) and dimethyl ether are isomers because they both have the molecular formula C2H6O. However, their structures are very different, and therefore their properties are very different: H H | | H – C – C – O – H H H | | H–C–O–C–H | | | | H H H H ethanol dimethyl ether Alcohols contain a C–O–H structure, with the oxygen atom lying between a carbon atom and a hydrogen atom.

Fission and fusion have changed the world forever, although they are a two-edged sword. Peacetime applications of fission include providing an abundant source of energy for Earth’s burgeoning population. ) However, as is well known, fission and fusion are also the basis of nuclear weapons, which potentially could destroy Earth’s population. Historical Note It is a tremendous coincidence of history that the neutron was discovered just prior to Adolf Hitler’s ascension to the office of Chancellor of Germany.

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