The Sounds and Phonemes of Wulfila’s Gothic by James Woodrow Marchand

By James Woodrow Marchand

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Since we are not sure of the derivation of the sign, the evidence of Biblical names alone should be used here, Js represented a bi-labial or labio-dental voiceless or fortis spirant. 14) above that Wulfila did use a form of Greek theta, this argument is no longer valid, φ is derived from Greek theta, which it is used to render in Biblical names, ψ represented a voiceless or fortis spirant, articulated anywhere from the inter-dental to the pre-palatal points of articulation. g. 20), and since it is not used in the ren89 40 Cf.

32 Such emendations, of which there are ca. 150 in our material, should be given the status of high authority in determining what things were considered errors by the scribes themselves. We may say that, in general, a correction implies that the scribe considered that which he was correcting to be wrong, and that which he was adding to be right. This may be said to be our best type of evidence, and it should head our discussion of each type of error. Changes made by other scribes, contemporaneous with or nearly contemporaneous with the first, are to be accorded almost equal authority.

IV, 20 an airpai, Τ 2,2 Β triggwaimannam for -aim m-, Th 5,7 Β nahtslepand for -ts si-; often us- for uss- (L 8,55; L 10,25; L 14,14; Mc 3, 13; Mc 10,34); this may actually mirror a pronunciation feature. Streitberg ( # 33 b) believes that L 16,6 fimtigjuns is a reflex of the loss of / i n the cluster mft; this is doubtful. 7 Letters added because of other letters near-by Ca. 15 cases: k 7,11 saihua auk for saihu auk; Μ 7,16 lisanda af for -d af·, J 13,35 ufkunnanda allai for -nd al-. A number of examples are seen in Sk.

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