The Sources and Sitz Im Leben of Matthew 23 by Kenneth G. C. Newport

By Kenneth G. C. Newport

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On two counts, therefore, the two-document hypothesis seems unable to give an adequate account of the origin of Matthew 23. The parallels with Mark are only very slight, and even the more substantial overlap between Matthew 23 and Luke 11 is not as great as some have imagined. Furthermore, and most importantly, it does not appear that Matthew himself is responsible for the changes which have been made to the shorter Lucan form of the discourse. One additional point needs to be made. The two-document hypothesis can at best explain only the material found in more than one gospel, but within Matthew 23 there is much that is unparalleled.

These words have been dealt with individually above. Matthew may have edited his source lightly in Mt. 2-31, but as is noted further in Chapters 3 and 4 below, there is every reason to believe that Matthew's own redactional activity was limited and that he did not radically alter his traditions to suit his own theological purposes. 1 In general it is concluded that the use of word statistics is not a very fruitful method of assessing the origin of the material in a passage. Goulder (and Hawkins) may be criticized especially for concentrating upon single words, for it is often the case that the word in question is either not well distributed in the gospel, or else appears elsewhere in the New Testament so frequently as to undermine any claim that the word 1.

Alternative Approaches to New Testament Study (London: SPCK, 1985), pp. 1-24, he concentrates upon pairs of animals in Matthew and counts 10 such occurrences. 4 is 'just part of the scenery' and compares this to his 10 pairs where the animals are 'images in the sense that the traditional character of the animal is made to symbolize some aspect of Jesus' ministry' (p. 19). 36 The Sources and Sitz im Leben of Matthew 23 where these animals seem representative of some other concept. A further example of Goulder's tendency to take as symbolic animals that are not really such is found in his understanding of Mt.

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