The Testicular Descent in Human: Origin, Development and by Klaus J. Barteczko, Monika I. Jacob (auth.)

By Klaus J. Barteczko, Monika I. Jacob (auth.)

The testicular descent (descensus testis) is defined in a whole sequence of human fabric from degree 14 CC to the grownup country through the use of personal levels. valuable sights during this paintings are solutions to questions which were mentioned controversially through generations of scientists and that are fallacious or inadequately documented in such a lot textbooks of embryology: Does an internal gonadal descent exist? What approximately foundation, position and destiny of gubernaculum H., processus vaginalis peritonei and gonadal ligaments? How do the annexes of testis come into their ultimate place? the implications are according to serial sections, scanning electron microscopy, three-d reconstructions, microdissection and immunohistochemistry.

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19). In the 26-mm CRL male embryo (stage 22 CC), the caudal pole of the testis is attached to the dorsal mesenchyme of the genital ducts by a peritoneal fold (Fig. 20) which is found medial and opposite to the abdominal gubernaculum. Thus, an indirect connection between the caudal pole of the testis and the ventral abdominal wall is established. In female embryos, the ligamentum ovarii proprium is formed in the same way, and the lateral angles of the uterine cavity are determined (Fig. 21; see also Figs.

When comparing this stage with a 70-mm CRL male embryo (Fig. 32a), the growth of the testis is conspicuous to the other organs. It expands ventrocaudally, thus overriding genital ducts and approaches the inner inguinal ring. The caudal poles of both testes are free, the insertion of the still thin gubernaculum is the same as before (Fig. 3Ib). At the medial side of the gubernaculum, a deep inguinal evagination of peritoneal cavity can be observed (Fig. 32b,c). The overriding position of the testis becomes more obvious in Fig.

8 \ '. b Fig. 23a,b. Reconstruction of the gubernaculum of a 29-mm CRL female embryo. Same embryo as in Fig. 22. a Total view of gubernaculum from ventral side and position of processus vaginalis. b Diagram shows the course of the gubernaculum. 1, abdominal part of gubernaculum; 2, interstitial part of gubernaculum; 3, subcutaneous part of gubernaculum; 4, abdominal wall; 5, processus vaginalis; 6, genital branch of genitofemoral nerve; 7, entrance of gubernaculum into the abdominal wall; 8, pubic bones; 9, median plane; 10, course of gubernaculum.

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