The Transnational Beat Generation by Nancy M. Grace, Jennie Skerl (eds.)

By Nancy M. Grace, Jennie Skerl (eds.)

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I am but lightly touching the forty-seven varieties and their forty-seven survivances. (1) It is interesting that Le Maître uses the very charged word survivance, which I leave in French because of its special sense, to describe the practices of all the immigrant groups in Lowell. In connection with this novel, whose realist qualities are so powerful as to occasion an interrogation of the reality that it presents, Le Maître raises the following problem: in his Lowell/Galloway, Kerouac gives close attention to many of the signs of these survivances and almost none to the specificity of the surviving cultures, and hence makes a partial concession to the ideology of assimilation.

S. power in the twenty-first century to spread social freedom, spur development, combat disease and tyranny, and support free market principles around the world. S. S. Empire by 2020, accelerated five years by the actions of George W. Bush. S. military around the world and proposes a plan for divestiture. Once again, Burroughs was ahead of his time. He saw what was coming at us long before most observers. Notes This essay expands a talk I gave at the “Naked Lunch@50” celebrations in Paris in July 2009.

These narratives stand in contrast to the historical account of colonization and expansion of empire. Belief in the revolutionary potential of the youth movements of the 1960s had faded by the 1980s. Burroughs calls his vision a “retroactive Utopia,” suggesting that the chance for such a revolutionary project had been missed. There is simply no room left for “freedom from the tyranny of government” since city dwellers depend on it for food, power, water, transportation, protection, and welfare.

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