The World Wreckers by Marion Zimmer Bradley

By Marion Zimmer Bradley

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Still spinning the soft fiber between her hands she walked into the camp; suddenly, realizing what she was doing, she crumpled the thread and threw it away, and walked to the fire. She asked, deliberately jolly, "Whatever's cooking smells good. " Chapter 6 Contents - Prev/Next THEY HAD issued a hospital uniform—the white synthetic smock with the red and blue caduceus of Terran Medic and two small stars on the sleeve, indicating service on two planets—to David Hamilton, and he was surprised at how much better it made him feel.

I can give you two common factors right now," David said. "They all have gray or blue eyes—all the Darkovans, that is, and all the offworlders except Conner. " Jason was thinking that over. " "That's right. The simpler ones can be used by anyone, even those with no telepathic talents. The more complex ones demand a high degree of telepathic talent to use them at all, which is why the trade in them died out; not enough telepaths around to handle them; and for obvious reasons, telepathy is dangerous to the ordinary politician.

Confusingly, Regis Hastur did not, and they had not finished with Desideria or begun with Missy or Keral. " Jason asked. "I doubt it, or why doesn't Regis have it? I gather he's something extraordinary in the way of telepaths," David said, and extraordinary in every other way, he thought. "He certainly has extraordinary charm," Jason agreed, and David laughed aloud. They were already, it seemed to him, close friends. "Jason, do me a favor. " The older man looked at him in momentary surprise, then laughed and shrugged.

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