Thermal Stresses IV. Volume 4 of Thermal Stresses by Richard B. Hetnarski (Eds.)

By Richard B. Hetnarski (Eds.)

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Thermally induced disturbances of spacecraft were encountered very early in the space program. Typically, thermal deformations of spacecraft of spacecraft appendages occur because of their low stiffness , and these deformations alter the spacecraft's attitude dynamics. The effects can be dramatic for large thermal deformations of long, slender booms. The thermal deformation effects are generally time-dependent due to a spacecraft leaving or entering the earth's shadow or for a spinning satellite.

I I l,,000 I I I I I I I I 0 yX) 600 Time, 900 1,200 aec Figure 39. Thermal-mechanical load histories for N A S A lifting reentry vehicle model tests, [67]. A. Thornton Response of the model to mechanical loading and heating was measured by 84 strain gages and 300 thermocouples installed inside the model and by 2 load cells, four thermocouples, 24 deflectometers, and one transit on the exterior of the model. Loads were applied with the model cantilevered from a support; mechanical loads were applied through two hydraulic jacks and a whippletree system, thermal loads were applied by radiantly heating the fiat side of the model with a large quartz lamp radiator.

6 N via a constant force spring mechanism located at the outboard end of the boom. 33 N. High-temperature aerospace structures 57 The tests were performed in a vertical 3 m diameter by 9 m high vacuum chamber. The chamber has a vacuum capability of less than 10-2 torr under room temperature conditions which eliminates aerodynamic effects for dynamic testing. Four movable panels in the vacuum chamber can be lowered in temperature to -196 ~ (-320 ~ via a liquid nitrogen (LN2,)cryogenic system. The heat input was produced by an assembly of quartz halogen lamps which were arranged to heat one side of the solar array.

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