To Caesar What Is Caesar’s by Fabian E. Udoh

By Fabian E. Udoh

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Das Lehrbuch stellt das Medienrecht als ein Rechtsgebiet dar, das die Ordnung des Massenkommunikationswesens medienübergreifend regelt. Medienrecht findet sich in Deutschland nicht in einem einzelnen Kodex, sondern ist verstreut in einer Vielzahl von Regeln unterschiedlicher Herkunft aus den Fachsäulen des Zivil- und öffentlichen Rechts.

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J. J. 52–53, 162–63. See P. J. ,” Latomus 24 (1965): 122–27; Aryeh Kasher, “New Light on the Jewish Role in the Alexandrian War of Julius Caesar,” World Union of Jewish Studies Newsletter 14–15 (1979): 15–23; idem, The Jews in Hellenistic and Roman Egypt: The Struggle for Equal Rights (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 1985), 13–18. 2. See J. F. D. 60,” RSA 5 (1975): 55. E. E. and granted the Jews some concessions. Caesar required that both the tribute for the Jewish state and the fixed tribute for Joppa be raised and paid by the head of the Jewish state in Jerusalem.

I shall discuss these and the general problem in greater detail in the next chapter. At present, it suffices to note that exactions were not payments made to the Roman public treasury, the aerarium. Instead, they served the interests of governors and generals. If such interests were sometimes personal, and even private, they were often also military. They, therefore, at least in the view of their subjects, belonged to Rome’s overall imperial ends: keeping the Parthians and Nabateans at bay, fighting rival Roman generals, defeating a rival Hasmonean prince in rebellion, and/or maintaining order in the territory and wherever else the governor chose.

Scaurus accepted the money from Aristobulus and, before he returned to Damascus, with due threats forced Hyrcanus and his Nabatean allies to raise the siege against Aristobulus. J. 37, was three hundred talents. qxd 1/18/2006 9:55 PM Page 29 Roman Tribute in Jewish Palestine 29 approaching Coele-Syria. 68 Faced with war, Aristobulus promised to make further payments to Pompey, and to surrender both himself and the city of Jerusalem. E. Hyrcanus II and his supporters in Jerusalem generally kept their Roman overlords happy by giving them money.

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