Two-Stroke Performance Tuning in Theory and Practice by A. Graham Bell

By A. Graham Bell

Definitely, the advantage which has such a lot contributed to the frequent use and sundry program of the two-stroke engine is its mechanical simplicity. Tuning specialist A. Graham Bell takes readers in the course of the a variety of ameliorations that may be made to a two-stroke and its elements so as to derive greatest useable energy and mechanical reliability. either the most recent advances in two-stroke tuning and previous standbys are lined for all parts of operation, from ignition, carburetion, cylinders, and valves via exhaust structures and dyno tuning. Updates to this accelerated variation comprise new images, line diagrams and explanatory charts.

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4 sets out the rotary valve timing for a number of go-kart and bike engines. All of the l00cc kart engines have fixed gearing. Before you set about altering the valve timing, check to see that the inlet port is of the correct shape and that the valve cover perfectly matches the inlet port in the crankcase. Any obstruction here will disrupt air flow. You will find in many engines that the port in the valve cover does not align with the crankcase port. Grinding the port in the valve cover or the crankcase will affect the inlet timing.

What I'm saying is that expansion chamber design is far more critical than exhaust port duration. The exhaust open period determines to some extent what the maximum hp will be and at what engine speed it will be produced. The expansion chamber, on the other hand, 'adjusts' the power characteristics of the engine at speeds above and below maximum hp revs. The formula which I use to calculate exhaust open duration (and transfer duration) is fairly straight forward, but if you do much work on two-strokes it would be money well spent if you purchased an electronic calculator with a full scientific function to speed up your calculations.

Therefore, a reed engine can be lugged down to very low rpm (depending on the exhaust timing), as the air flowing down the inlet tract is trapped once it passes the reed valve. Low speed cylinder filling improves and, because the air passes through the carburettor just once, the fuel/air ratio remains correct. This results in good low speed combustion. Reed valve induction, however, is not entirely free of problems. Until very 62 recently, the stiffness of the reed petals was severely compromised.

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