Uncle John's Bathroom Reader: Plunges into History by The Bathroom Readers' Hysterical Society

By The Bathroom Readers' Hysterical Society

Whether you’re a historical past buff, otherwise you similar to interpreting nice tales, you’ll see the previous in a complete new mild after examining Uncle John’s toilet Reader Plunges into History. Uncle John uncovers the reality at the back of a few of history’s such a lot continual myths, flushes out info you have been by no means taught at school, and offers heritage fanatics whatever they could relatively digest. on account that 1987, the lavatory Readers’ Institute has led the flow to face up in case you take a seat and browse within the toilet (and all over else for that matter). With greater than eleven million books in print, the Uncle John’s rest room Reader sequence is the longest-running, most well-liked sequence of its style within the world.

Where else might you know about the ten such a lot forgotten humans in historical past, blunders that resulted in nice discoveries, and the way a fish had a hand (er, fin) in beating Napoleon? Uncle John principles the area of knowledge and humor, so prepare to be completely entertained. learn all about…

The brief heritage of underwear
Odd deaths of well-known figures
Abe Lincoln, type icon
The actual girl Godiva
Royal inbreeds and promiscuous popes
The actual tale of Braveheart
And a lot more!

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THE THRILL OF VICTORY Pleased with his victory, Miltiades once again dispatched his best runner to bring the good news to Athens, a distance of almost 25 miles. ” (which means “victory”—thus the name of the sneaker company) and then collapsed and died. Until 1709, Sweden was a major European military power. MODERN MARATHON SCANDALS The modern marathon was established in Pheidippides’ honor. 2 miles, from the course at the 1908 Olympics in England (and set permanently, after much debate, at the 1924 Olympics).

I LOVE A CRUSADE The era of the Crusades lasted from 1095 to 1291; that’s almost 200 years of holy war. ” THE GUY WHO STARTED IT When Odo de Lagery—Pope Urban II to you—spoke to a church council in France in November 1095, he delivered what may have been the single most effective speech in all of human history. According to His Holiness, the infidel Turks who occupied the Holy Land were defiling the Christian holy places and molesting Christian pilgrims. He called for a holy war to recapture these lands for Christendom.

They prepared for war. The man they’d have to go up against was Suetonius, the commander-in-chief of the Roman troops in Britain. At the moment, he was otherwise engaged, leading an attack on the island of Mona, where other British rebels had sought refuge among the Druids, priests of the Celtic religion. When news reached the mainland that the Romans had slaughtered the Druids and destroyed all the sacred shrines and altars, the rest of Britain gladly fell into step behind Boudicca. Before he reunited Italy, Garibaldi lived briefly on Staten Island, working as a candle maker.

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