Understanding Environment by Kiran Chhokar, Mamata Pandya, Meena Raghunathan

By Kiran Chhokar, Mamata Pandya, Meena Raghunathan

This well timed booklet addresses the problem of environmental sustainability and goals to elevate understanding in humans of the worries inside their very own environments.
It identifies 4 key suggestions: figuring out how the Earth's normal structures paintings; having access to information regarding the country of the planet; buying instruments and talents for efficient and effective environmental administration; and committing to utilizing traditional assets sensitively and equitably. The ebook additionally makes use of case reviews of person and collective motion and includes workouts and questions for dialogue.

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The eastern coast extends from Kanyakumari to the delta of the Ganga in the Bay of Bengal. The southern half of the coast is called the Coromandel coast. Oceans have great diversity of life forms as they provide a gradient of habitats in terms of varied light and pressure zones. Dugongs, marine turtles, estuarine crocodiles and a myriad waders constitute the most obvious ‘wildlife’ of the shore and nearshore habitat. Crabs, lobsters, oysters, jellyfish, puffer fish, octopus and sea slugs can be easily observed by those venturing into the coral belts.

Others, such as several snake and bird species are caught and smuggled out for their curiosity value for collectors and as pets. Marine fauna are under great threat from over-exploitation, largely as a result of mechanized fishing and increasing international fishing operations in Indian waters. A rapidly expanding pharmaceutical industry, for which no collection regulations exist, also affects medicinal plants.

I QUESTIONS 1. What are the various components of ecosystems? What role do they play in ecosystem processes? 2. Are food chains in nature never-ending? Why? Justify your answer. 3. What do you understand by ‘nutrient cycling’? What is the significance of decomposers in nature? 4. Define any two types of interactions that take place in the living world. Also mention the significance of those interactions. 5. Define Ecology. How can understanding ecology help strengthen conservation efforts? II EXERCISE Listed below are several events.

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