Universe, Human Immortality and Future Human Evaluation by Alexander Bolonkin

By Alexander Bolonkin

This publication debates the universe, the improvement of recent applied sciences within the 21st century and the way forward for the human race. Dr Bolonkin exhibits human soul is just the data in a person’s head. He bargains a brand new particular procedure for re-writing the most mind info in chips with none harm to the human brain.

This is the clinical prediction of the non-biological (electronic) civilization and immortality of the man or woman. this kind of diagnosis is based upon a brand new legislations, stumbled on by means of the writer, for the advance of advanced platforms. based on this legislations, each self-copying approach has a tendency to be extra complicated than the former approach, only if all exterior stipulations stay an identical. the implications are disastrous: humanity might be changed by way of a brand new civilization created by means of highbrow robots (which Dr Bolonkin refers to as "E-humans" and "E-beings"). those creatures, whose highbrow and mechanical skills will a ways exceed these of guy, would require neither nutrition nor oxygen to maintain their life. they might have the emotion. in a position to constructing technological know-how, know-how and their very own highbrow skills millions of instances quicker than people can, they'll, in essence, be everlasting.

  • Demonstrates that the matter of immortality can purely be solved via altering the organic human into a synthetic form
  • Discusses growth in robotics and different techologies

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Stephen Hawking once suggested that the absence of tourists from the future constitutes an argument against the existence of time travel—a variant of the Fermi paradox. ” Carl Sagan also once suggested the possibility that time travelers could be here, but are disguising their existence or are not recognized as time travelers. There are various ways in which a person could “travel into the future” in a limited sense: the person could set things up so that in a small amount of his own subjective time, a large amount of subjective time has passed for other people on Earth.

The soul is believed to be given by God to a person by his/her first breath, as mentioned in Genesis, “And the LORD God formed man [of] the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul” (Genesis 2:7). From this statement, the rabbinical interpretation is often that human embryos do not have souls, though abortion is often opposed by the orthodoxy as a form of birth control. Judaism relates the quality of one’s soul to one’s performance of mitzvot and reaching higher levels of understanding, and thus closeness to God.

34 Universe, Human Immortality and Future Human Evaluation In our Earth system, the light from the far stars comes to us over millions of years. In the system of a moving observer, that may be some seconds and all stars will be nearer. Those who had success in school mathematics must remember the definition of an infinity value. That is a value which is more than any given number. But if you divide one (unit) by the infinite you get the zero, or more exactly, the magnitude is close to zero or as close as possible.

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