Vocabulary Advantage GRE/GMAT/CAT And Other Examinations by Japinder Gill

By Japinder Gill

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The natal home of an Indian married woman is called her mayka. □ The mango plant is a native of India. 171 Na'ive: (adj) someone who has a childlike simplicity. He has not yet learnt how to play clever tricks with other people or to be worldly wise. Origin: L nativus -> Fr. naif, someone who is still in the natural state Naive has a similar etymology to ingenuous. □ The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget. U The new employee was a brilliant guy but he was extremely naive about the cruelities and politics of the business world.

To kill one's child is called 'prolicide'. To produce children is to proliferate201 and the one who produces many children is prolific202. The only way in which a poor man can serve his state is by producing more workers for it. That is why, the working class is called the proletariat203. # The phrase badhta bacha means two things—the child is growing in age, and in height. An increase in height obviously accompanies growth, whether of a child or of a plant or an animal. That is why one member of the a/-family is dedicated solely to the concept of height.

How often she had told this story to everybody! And now, that very satyaawadi Harishchandra had done such an unscrupulous thing! 145 Flusterd: (adj) behaving in a very confused and nervous manner. U He was 10 minutes late for the test and, as a result, was flustered, so much so that the invigilator asked the peon to get a glass of water for him. 14, ' Disseminate: (v) to scatter all over, like one scatters the seeds in a field with one's hand. Origin: L dis-, apart + semen => 'to spread the seeds apart' 147 Inflict: (v) to give pain and suffering.

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