WordPress 3 cookbook : over 100 recipes to help you enhance by Ric Shreves; Jean-Baptiste Jung

By Ric Shreves; Jean-Baptiste Jung

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How to do it... 1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard. 2. Click on the Appearance menu. 32 Chapter 2 3. Click on the Themes option. 4. Click on the Install Themes tab. 5. In the empty text field at the top of the page, either enter the name of the theme you wish to install, or a search term. 6. Click on the Search button. 7. Any themes that match your query will appear, as shown in the following screenshot: 33 Installing and Customizing Themes 8. Click on the Install link beneath the name of the theme you wish to install.

Now, replace the preceding piece of code with the following: #site-title a { color: #111; font-size: 30px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 36px; text-decoration: none; margin-left: 120px; } 11. Find the definition for #site-description. 65625em 0; } 46 Chapter 2 12. 65625em 120px; } If you visit the front-end of the site now and refresh the page, you should see your new logo on the header of your site. The original Twenty Ten theme does not display a logo; you can see in the screenshot below the revised theme with our logo to the left of the title and tagline: 47 Installing and Customizing Themes How it works...

You're done! Please note that depending on your exported file size, this procedure can take a while. The system will now attempt to import the posts and add them to your WordPress site. The process used for a LiveJournal import is typical of that used by all the import options. com. 24 Chapter 1 Exporting content is also quite easy; simply carry out the following steps: 1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard. 2. Click on the Tools menu. 3. Click on the Export option. 4. Select what you wish to export and click on the appropriate radio button, as shown in the next screenshot.

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